The Sydney Opera House – One of the most famous architectural designs all the time

From the demand of a huge place for plays and music shows in 1940s, when other opera houses cannot adapt, the president of New South Wales State – Joseph Cahill – hold the competition to find out the design for The Sydney Opera House. From 233 design draws from 32 countries, with the innovative and unique idea, John Utzon won the competition to design the Sydney Opera house in 1956 and got £5,000 for his design

The-Sydney-Opera-House (2)This famous building was built on the land of 1.8 hectares with the roof cover at the weight of 161,000 tons. Annually, the Sydney opera house attracts around 7 to 8 million visitors who come to enjoy the beauty of this unique architectural design. This famous architectural design was internationally recognized as the architectural icon of the 20th century. This also the world’s largest art performance place with the high technique in sound, light, natural harmonize and modern life development. This is also the headquarter of Sydney Theatre Company and Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

The-Sydney-Opera-House (3)The amazing architecture is located at the Bennelong Point at Sydney Harbor, closed to famous Sydney Harbor Bridge, which create the characterized image for Australia. This building was designed by the Danish architect John Utzon. The architectural designs was inspired from 1950s architecture and officially opened in 1973. The expected cost at the beginning was only $3.5 million but then increased to $100 million. John Utzon then was chased out of Australia since he did not accept the cheaper option in construction and he never come back to Australia to look back his brainchild. The Sydney Opera House was built for 16 years; from 1957 to 1973 is a building of modern architectural style that show the amazing design, engineering and construction technology of Australia. The famous building was designed innovative with the white roof shell as the sails on the huge red platform made of granite. With the unique sculptural design that can be viewed from all sides, The Sydney Opera House is the attractive destination for tourists when they come to Sydney Harbor.

Opening in 1937, it was known as the most beautiful architectural of all time. Viewed from the harbor, this is a great structure that glistening in the sunlight and invitingly aglow at night.

The Opera Sydney House consist of 6 theatres, 5 recording studios, 2 main halls, 4 restaurants, 6 bars and some retail outlets.The tourist can book the guided tours to learn more about this building that include a frequent tour that give you a look from the front of house spaces and a daily backstage tour that give visitor opportunity to visit some special area for performers and crew members.

The-Sydney-Opera-House (4)

In 2007, the Opera Sydney House became the youngest structure in the World Heritage List. With many people, this amazing architectural design has the same stand as Taj Mahal in India, Eiffel Tower in France that can be seen as one of the most famous building all over the world.

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