Design Collaboration Made Easy is a remarkable online collaboration tool that I’ve been using in my landscape design firm.

Here’s how the ConceptShare website explains their service:

“Get better feedback on your design projects…ConceptShare is a simple, cost-effective tool for gathering feedback from team members and clients…Easily share media and invite others to add and reply to comments, approve work and markup visuals.”

Here are some potential uses for landscape architects and designers:

Client reviews- This would work well for small projects as well as for construction details.

As a collaboration tool for designers who work in “design teams” on projects.

Collaborating with other design professionals and contractors.

Communicating with inaccessible clients- Maybe you are designing a vacation home or second home and the client is rarely accessible.

For designers who collaborate on projects together. This is how I’ve been using ConceptShare. I live in Michigan and the landscape architect who does all of my perspective and color rendering lives in Georgia. We use ConceptShare to communicate throughout the process.

So how does ConceptShare work?

1. Upon signing up, ConceptShare assigns you or your company a unique workspace and url. For example-

2. You upload drawings, photos, etc. into your workspace. The workspace shown below contains 3 “concepts”.

3. You invite others to join the workspace where they can review, comment and mark up your design. The invitations are actually sent automatically via email.

So what does this handy tool cost?

I’ve been using ConceptShare absolutely free for the past 10 months because they offer 1 workspace for free. As I use this service more I will need extra work spaces so I’ll eventually need to upgrade.

The next option is $19/month which gives you 25 workspaces and unlimited users. I think this is a great price if you can learn to maximize it’s capabilites for your specific situation.

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