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I want to publish your thesis work here on Landscape Architecture Resource. Yes, I know you are busy with school, going to LABash, and looking for a job. But if you’re working that hard on your thesis, don’t you want the world to know about it?

The central body of theory that defines landscape architecture has been developing for a very long time. It has borrowed from art, architecture, ecology, horticulture, psychology, geology, civil engineering, cartography, geography, sociology, and many other diverse fields. People have been doing landscape architecture since before the profession had a name and even before it was a profession. Creating human habitat is something our species has always done.

But as professionals, we are still at a point that the medical profession was at about 100 years ago. We rely perhaps more hypotheses, dogma, habits, and styles than on a solid central body of knowledge that we all agree on. The design process is central to what we do of course, but the body of theory with which we make our decisions is still rather young. The nucleus of the landscape architecture world view is there, but it is still maturing.

I’m not suggesting that we don’t know what we’re doing or what the outcome of our work will be. I’m only suggesting that their is still a gap between research and application.

Don’t worry about losing the opportunity for creativity. Having a stronger foundation of facts and statistics to justify our decisions won’t remove the need for us to make decisions. Design will still be an interesting journey. Each project will have its own unique challenges, as always.

But when we are wondering if a park will really work, or exactly how far apart the street trees should be we can rest on hard, tested and proven numbers. What makes a successful zoo exhibit? How much maintenance will my planting design really require? Will my park design really serve the needs of the community? The answers to these questions are out there. But new work is being done all the time that can improve our understanding of the problems we face and give us better tools to solve them. And it’s important to keep up to date.

That is why I want to publish your thesis research on Landscape Architecture Resource. Isn’t science all about sharing knowledge and discussing ideas? Get in touch with me at dan at Ideally we could post your abstract with links to the rest of the thesis and maybe your other work as well. Check with your advisor about any copyright restrictions on your work.

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