Use the right font

When someone is reading your writing, one side of their brain is decoding the written words into meaning and ideas, while the other side of their brain is decoding meaning from the lines, form, color, size, and shape of your writing. Take a look at the text in any magazine or billboard ad and you’ll see what I mean.

Every aspect of your design presentation says something about you, your vision, and your work. Choosing the right font has a impact in setting the mood of your design. Don’t just slap on the basic arial, times new roman, or verdana font because it’s the default in photoshop, inDesign, or whatever software you’re using at the moment. And for heaven’s sake don’t ever use AutoCad’s default font unless you’re a civil engineer.

Pick a font that embodies the theme of your design. You may not think it’s a big deal, but fonts send a message. So does your use of capitals. Choosing a great font can be the finishing touch that makes the whole page sing, or a starting point for designing your slides, panels, or drawings.

You should also give a great deal of thought to the fonts you use on your letterhead, business cards, website, and other communications. Think of your typeface as one of the materials you are using to build your brand.

Two of the best sources for fonts online are Linotype and International Typeface.

If you are looking for a font that gives a real hand-drawn feeling, then make your own! is one of the coolest things I’ve found online lately. You can quickly and easily make your own hand-drawn font for free, and then use it in your work.

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