HDB renovation packages

Everyone finds solace in their own homes. Some homes are ancestral , entwined in memories and nostalgia, while there are some homes that you buy with the money you have saved up for many years, No matter what, homes are a place of peace, happiness and rest ,and also are a necessity for every individual on earth.

But homes are not indestructible. They are made of cement and bricks and iron and are very vulnerable to damage. Plus sometimes you build a home according to your choices but later realize that it isn’t as perfect you thought it would turn out as. There are problems cropping up in every corner of this new house , and necessary changes are to be made, immediately.

HDB renovation is a booming home renovation industry in Singapore


 When people are thinking about home renovation packages, the first thing that comes up in their mind is the cost. HDB renovation packages are known to be pretty costly , but in reality it all depends on the HDB renovation package you think would suit you the most. Every renovation package has a different price and there are additional prices for all of them.

HDB renovation packages

Typically, a HDB renovation package in Singapore would cost you $9000-$10,000 for the first three rooms you wish to renovate. They also charge an additional extra $2000 for every other room after the first three. of course, these are the average renovation costs , for normal materials and if you wish for better and costlier materials to renovate your home, the charges are going to be extra.


 HDB renovation packages in Singapore can differ according to your personal choices ,and the time and effort put into it. Yet ,the standard price is mentioned above.