AutoCAD Commands: Control + numbers

Here are the AutoCAD hotkey commands for each number in combination with the Control (Ctrl) key, and a few other quick keys:

ESC cancel changes, cancel grips
TAB cycles osnaps
SHIFT (on object selection) removes objects (this setting can be turned on and off)
DEL erases objects (hold when pointing)

Ctrl+0 toggles clean-screen mode (2004+)
Ctrl+1 displays Properties Manager Window
Ctrl+2 displays Design Center Window
Ctrl+3 displays Tool Palette (2004+)
Ctrl+4 displays Sheet Set Manager
Ctrl+5 displays Info Palette or Project Navigator
Ctrl+6 displays dBConnect window
Ctrl+7 displays Markup Manager
Ctrl+8 displays Quick Calculator
Ctrl+9 shows/hides Command line