The 10 most beautiful architectural designs around the world

There is a lot of unique architecture all over the world. Like a photograph, the architecture designs record the special moments through time. However, unlike a photograph, the structures have their own life, and it became an important part in human’s lives. Pictures of the most beautiful building around the world are hardly to judge. Listed below is the list of famous buildings in the world that is ranked based on eye-catching beauty.

1. Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Towers, which can be seen as an iconic landmark of Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, is a twin towers that was created by architects Cesar Pelli and Achmad Murdijat together with Deejay Cerico and designer Dominic Saibo under the consultancy of JC Guinto. It was the tallest twin skyscrapers in the world from 1998 to 2004 with the height of 451.9 meters.

2.Empire State Building, New York

We could not put together a list of world – beautiful architecture design without including Empire State. It was designed by architect William Lamb from the architectural firm Shreve, Lamb and Harmon. One special thing about this building is that it was completed in just one year and 45 days from St Patrick’s Day 1930.

3. Chrysler Building, New York

The Chrysler Building was designed by architect William Van Alen. It was specially built for car manufacturer Walter Chrysler. In the early of 20th Century, there was a racing in skyscraper building. At this time, Chrysler’s spire was built secretly in order to overcome The Bank of Manhattan to be recognized as the tallest building in the world in 1930. However, the Chrysler building attained the title of the world’s tallest building for just one year until the Empire State was constructed.

4. Lloyds Building, London

The fourth place in the famous architecture list is Lloyds Building, which is an iconic architectural landmark of London skyline. It was created by architect Richard Rogers and was built from 1978 to 1986. Lloyds Building is also known as the Inside – Out Building due to its service including water pipes, staircase and 12 lifts outside.

5. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is the most famous Australian architectural

Talking about the world – famous architectural design, we have to mention Sydney Opera House, which is the distinctive Australian iconic architecture. This beautiful building includes three groups of interlocking shells that contained two main performance halls and a restaurant. It was designed by architect Jørn Utzon who was unknown until the International competition for a national opera house at Bennelong Point, Sydney.

6. Space Needle, Seattle

This futuristic building, which was built for the 1962 World Fair, was designed by 2 architects Edward E Carlson and John Graham. It’s not only an unique architecture but also an impressive design that can survive wind velocities of 200 mph as well as can escape serious damage during the earthquake with maximum magnitudes of 9.1. After more than 50 years its construction, the Space Needle remains Seatle’s best visitor destination.

7. Fallingwater, Pennsylvania

Fallingwaer was created by architect Frank Lloyd for the Kauffman family in 1934. This unique and innovative design makes it look like the house stretches out over a 30ft water fall without solid ground beneath it.

8. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

This beautiful design was recognized as one of the most important building of the 20th century. The museum was designed by architect Frank Gehry after winning an architectural competition to design the building. Opening from 1997, this museum now is the display of over hundred exhibition with 10 million visitors through time.

9. Flatiron Building, New York

With the unique design captured everyone’s attention, plus with the triangular shape made it possible to fill the space at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway. It’s name used to be Fuller Building, was designed by architect Daniel Burnham and was built in 1902. It was never the tallest building but the most memorable building in New York City.

10. Burj Khalifa

Last but not least is the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa at the height of 828.9 meters. This building is the iconic landmark of the Arab country of Dubai, which was built for 6 years from 2004 to 2010 with 160 floors. It was designed by the Chicago office of American architectural and engineering firm Skidmore, Owings and Merril LLP
Which of these architectural designs is the most unique architectural design in your point of view? Or any famous architecture you want to add to this list? Please do not hesitate to comment in the box below…

Petronas Towers – The most famous architecture of Malaysia

PETRONAS towers as mentioned in the last article – one of the most beautiful architectural designs around the world – are the iconic landmark of Malaysia. Designed by Argentine architects Cesar Pelli and Achmad Murdijat together with Deejay Cerico and designer Dominic Saibo under the consultancy of JC Guinto, this pair of skyscraper buildings was completed in 1998 after 7 years constructing and then became the tallest building in the world from 1998 to 2004.

The architectural design of PETRONAS twins towers was took part in by the number of designers, engineers, building contractor management that equal with the number of construction workers. About 7000 construction workers and 7000 design workers who work together for 7 years to create this famous architecture.

The towers were designed and built look like the letter “M” for Malaysia. The architects also highlighted the strong cultural values of Malaysia through the jagged outline subtly resembles for one of Malaysia’s famous traditional handicraft – basket waving.

This famous structure stays inside a massive land of 100-acre site in Kuala Lumpur with a lot of modern office buildings, retail center, hotels, gardens, lakes, residential buildings and substantial public parks. The twin towers are high 451.9 meters with 88 levels consists of 216,901 square meters of total floor space. The towers are connected by a sky bridge on 41st and 42nd floor, which is the highest 2-story bridge in the world. This sky bridge is not directly bolted to the main towers but is specially designed to slide in and out of towers to prevent from breaking during the high winds.

The triangle that symbolize the sky bridge which has role as a fulcrum that balance Malaysia’s past and future, local values and global outlook, multi-cultural background and united 1Malaysia concept.

Nowadays, this famous architecture allows tourist to visit the sky bridge and observation deck on level 86 at the height of 360 meters over the ground with only RM80 for adults and RM30 for children. The tickets are limited issued with 800 tickets are being sold every day. Operating for more than 15 years, PETRONAS twin towers still a pride to Malaysia’s people and become the place you have to come for tourist who go to travel in Kuala Lumpur. There usually is a long queue in the early morning everyday with people who want to visit this beautiful architecture.

In conclusion, PETRONAS towers now may not the tallest building in the world anymore, but it still a famous architectural design that it not only can give inspiration to any architect all over the world but also an interesting place for people who love travel.

“As an internationally recognised landmark, the PETRONAS Twin Towers symbolise the courage, ingenuity, initiative, and determination, energy, confidence, optimism, advancement and zest of a nation.”Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad – Former Prime Minister of Malaysia (1981-2003) said.

The Sydney Opera House – One of the most famous architectural designs all the time

From the demand of a huge place for plays and music shows in 1940s, when other opera houses cannot adapt, the president of New South Wales State – Joseph Cahill – hold the competition to find out the design for The Sydney Opera House. From 233 design draws from 32 countries, with the innovative and unique idea, John Utzon won the competition to design the Sydney Opera house in 1956 and got £5,000 for his design

The-Sydney-Opera-House (2)This famous building was built on the land of 1.8 hectares with the roof cover at the weight of 161,000 tons. Annually, the Sydney opera house attracts around 7 to 8 million visitors who come to enjoy the beauty of this unique architectural design. This famous architectural design was internationally recognized as the architectural icon of the 20th century. This also the world’s largest art performance place with the high technique in sound, light, natural harmonize and modern life development. This is also the headquarter of Sydney Theatre Company and Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

The-Sydney-Opera-House (3)The amazing architecture is located at the Bennelong Point at Sydney Harbor, closed to famous Sydney Harbor Bridge, which create the characterized image for Australia. This building was designed by the Danish architect John Utzon. The architectural designs was inspired from 1950s architecture and officially opened in 1973. The expected cost at the beginning was only $3.5 million but then increased to $100 million. John Utzon then was chased out of Australia since he did not accept the cheaper option in construction and he never come back to Australia to look back his brainchild. The Sydney Opera House was built for 16 years; from 1957 to 1973 is a building of modern architectural style that show the amazing design, engineering and construction technology of Australia. The famous building was designed innovative with the white roof shell as the sails on the huge red platform made of granite. With the unique sculptural design that can be viewed from all sides, The Sydney Opera House is the attractive destination for tourists when they come to Sydney Harbor.

Opening in 1937, it was known as the most beautiful architectural of all time. Viewed from the harbor, this is a great structure that glistening in the sunlight and invitingly aglow at night.

The Opera Sydney House consist of 6 theatres, 5 recording studios, 2 main halls, 4 restaurants, 6 bars and some retail outlets.The tourist can book the guided tours to learn more about this building that include a frequent tour that give you a look from the front of house spaces and a daily backstage tour that give visitor opportunity to visit some special area for performers and crew members.

The-Sydney-Opera-House (4)

In 2007, the Opera Sydney House became the youngest structure in the World Heritage List. With many people, this amazing architectural design has the same stand as Taj Mahal in India, Eiffel Tower in France that can be seen as one of the most famous building all over the world.

Chrysler Building, New York – One of the most conspicuous skyscraper all over the world

Chrysler Building, New York – One of the most conspicuous skyscraper all over the world

In May 28, 1930, a jubilant opening ceremony was held on the east side of Manhattan, New York City, United States, at the intersection of Lexington Avenue and 42nd Street, the Art Deco Architecture skyscraper name the Chrysler Building was officially put into use.

The Chrysler Building was designed by William Van Alen. In the short time, this famous architecture was the world’s tallest skyscraper from 1930 to 1931 for 11 months with the height of 319 meters. The building was built especially for Water Chrysler, a great men in the automotive industry, and being headquarter for Chrysler Corporation until the building was sold in the mid of 1950s.

Chrysler-Building-famous-architectureIn order to make this building become unique and different to others, Van Alen applied to the modern skyscraper the Art Deco architectural style that focus on streamlined motifs and non-traditional material. Besides that, this unique building was built especially for Water P.Chrysler, and then Van Alen decided to choose the motif that suit for the machine age and automobile. This amazing structure become famous due to its twinkle spire made from stainless steel that reminds people about the polished chrome of a brand new car.

The design of this amazing architecture shows the influence of Chrysler Corporation to the building. Indeed, the gargoyles were build look like the hood ornaments of Plymouth. Especially, the corners of 31st floor were decorated to resemble the hubcaps of the 1929 model Chrysler.

Chrysler-Building-famous-architecture-1This unique building can be seen as one of the most famous as well as the leading art deco architectural building that give the inspiration to other buildings such as One Liberty Place in Philadelphia.
At the beginning, the building has an observation deck on the 71st floor but then closed in 1945. This observation deck has a lot of triangle windows with stars on the wall plus with the flashing lights that make people think about the universe. Besides that, at the 66th to 68th floors, there is a private club named Cloud Club that was used for some specific secret operation.

Got the inspiration from Art Deco architecture and car manufacture, the beauty of 77th floor has a special and amazing spire that seem to be fixed to New York’s skyline. The spire made from stainless steel help Chrysler building become one of the most conspicuous skyscraper all over the world

Until now, Chrysler may not the world’s tallest building but it is still the world’s tallest bricks building and the fourth tallest skyscraper in New York. After 80 years, this amazing building belongs to many owners who are wealthy men or real estate groups.