I would like to thank you for the professional service you offered in a very efficient way. And I approve image #5 , if you can send us the high resolution file for printing before 2:00 pm today. The post adjustment is for our marketing material , if we can have it by Monday that would be great.

Thanks again , looking forward for doing business again with you.

Rami, AIA, VA
Thank you for the renderings. This email is to accept images of your last email. Thank you for your great work on such a short deadline. We may be asking for more work on these models in the near future. We will negotiate a price for that work at that time.
Frank, NC

Hey Guys,
Thanks for everything…the rendering is amazing.
I gave your web address to a few architects to look at.
A lot of people want to see it.

Thanks again.

Jim, Long Island, NY

Dear Alex,
The renderings # 3 and 4 are beautiful.
Thank you so much for doing them quickly.
Please send small versions now so we can
include them in our power point presentation.

Gretchen, Palm Beach, Florida

The image looks great!!!
Please send me the file to download.

Thank you very much
Brian, Los Angeles, California

Thank you.
I look forward to doing more business with you.
It has been a pleasure.
Andy, Miami, Florida

Rendering looks great.
Jim will be meeting with the client tomorrow.
We will also follow up on the next upcoming project.
Dave, AIA, New Canaan, CT

We accept the final picture.
Thank you for your help on such a short notice!!!
Best Regards,
Jessica, Designer, Atlanta, GA

thanks for all your help with the rendering
I’m very happy with the way it came out.
Steve, Miami, Florida

This has been approved!!
Let’s get this finalized.

Thanks so much!!
Joni, Model Home Builder, St. George, UT

Thanks Alex. I just mailed the check. The finals look great and I am going to start using them immediately.
We will have future needs for good renderings and I will be in contact when the time comes.
Thanks for your hard work.
T&S Developers, St. Louis, Missouri

Dear Alex,
I hope you received the message to send overnight the latest renderings with the driving range. The updates you have
completed are approved. Thank you for the quick work. Please overnight for arrival on Thursday Morning by 10am.
Thank you.

Tom, Owner, Philadelphia, PA

I really am impressed with the work so far. Just a few more comments and we will be set. Please see attached.
Call or email ,e-mail me if you have any comments. Thanks,
Doug, AIA, Clarksville, TN

Thanks for the straight forward simple response to our requests.
I’m sure we’ll have more for you.

Again, thank you,
Joe E., RA, Southington,CT

I am very happy to offer our highest recommendations to Alex and ConceptVisulaization.com. Our most recent client is a New York City hospital, and they were extremely pleased with both the turn around and quality of the finished product. ConceptVisulaization.com had to provide a good deal of extraordinary effort to meet surprise deadlines and requirements. I am planning to use them on all of our future projects since they made us look so good. Thanks again.
John M., AIA
Garden City Park, New York

Good morning:
The preview looks fabulous, please proceed with printing.

Thank you.
Michael P.

PS. You guys do a really great job,
I will recommend your firm to all of my professional friends
and we will use your services again.

The prints arrived at 9:15. The size adjustment is good
and the resolution is great.
You guys have done a supper job, THANKS!!!!!!
The picture will be published in Sunday’s local paper,
I’ll let you know what the review is.
Michael P., AIA
Rome, Georgia

We have done business with Alex and ConceptVisualization.com. We are pleased to report that we were completely satisfied with their fine art works.

I can assure you of one thing, they know what they are doing. I heartily recommend Concept Visualization without any hesitation.

Igor F.


HB Builders Inc
Queens, NY